what in the finance?!

Updated: Jun 22

ok..so what is actually happening in the world right now?

If you are like me, you would have recently been scouring TikTok & Insta trying to find all the latest investment opportunities and wow! What an uncertain, unsettling time we are in. I bet OF is looking really attractive to some people right now.

I don't remember what life was like in 2007 - '08 for the GFC but I know the world has changed and EVOLVED beyond our early 2000's dreams! I mean who knows Crypto & what is an NFT?

I am sure we all (when I say we, I mean - us old enough to remember the classics) thought that the Jetson's and hover boards were going to come to fruition. But low & behold, I am still on my gravity pulled bed writing this blog and wondering what will come of the world in the next two decades.


Thank goodness for social media and all the ways to distract from (or magnify) the world's craziness!!!!

Want to know what accounts I follow to feed my finance appetite?

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